About us

About us

The importance of a controlled internal process

SINPRO has been supplying “turnkey engineering solutions  since 1988 thanks to its fully controlled process that starts with feasibility studies, product design, engineering works and workshop manufacturing.


The reference market

Oil & gas market

Sinpro addresses the oil & gas market supporting Customers producing gas/air equipment for the oil and gas refinery market.
Sinpro is able to provide services from the drafting of basic engineering to the realization of appliances, vessels, heat exchangers and skids.

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A constantly growing enterprise


founded to meet the growing demands of customers requiring turnkey engineering services in the Oil & Gas sector, SINPRO has always supported its customers in the design and management phases of a wide range of sectors.


SINPRO embarked on an initial phase of growth and expansion to respond to the wide demands of its customers to produce the designed products in-house, opening its own workshop and therefore guarantee processing operations that were perfectly in line with the project phase, in addition to more accurate process controls and tests.


SINPRO opened a second workshop to provide a more complete range of services, prompt supplies and effective quality control and follow up of production processes. In the same year, the Company gained ASME U stamp authorisation for pressure vessel manufacturers.


SINPRO obtained CU TR 032/2012 certification for the Eurasian Economic Union (Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation).


SINPRO moves to Albino, via Provinciale 116 and expands its work environments even further.